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What is your engagement identity at work?


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How do you feel at work? Disengaged? Potentially more engaged? Engaged? Too much engaged?
Developing your own mindfulness on what is your engagement and better understanding the drivers of your satisfaction, your motivation and your engagement, these are key factors of success to monitor your professional and life transitions, build your identity at work and attain consistency between who you are and what you do.

What aspect of work do you find “engaging”? Looking for meaning and purpose (the “why”)? Understanding the company’s goals and your place in them (the “what”)? Connecting with colleagues and building relationship and belonging (the “how”)? Boosting your energy and wellness?
How much are you ready to engage? Can you identify and spot the moments when you reach extreme and counterproductive levels of disengagement or over engagement?
For whom do you engage in priority? Your manager? your company? your colleagues and peers at work? the global society? mostly for yourself?

My book “New Deal of Employee Engagement” attempts to give answers and tools to better understand these questions. Based on my experience as HR practitioner over the years, I have designed a practical engagement model addressing all dimensions of the “Self” (body and mind) and built on 8 “engagement profiles” ranging from the most “disengaged” to the most “over engaged”.

Do you wish to find out your engagement profile, your “engagement identity”?
Before answering the questionnaire, do take the time to watch the 3mns video to discover the 8 profiles:

Got a first intuition on your own profile yet?

Now here you go! A few tips before you start …

The questionnaire in the below sections includes 100 assertions illustrating your attitudes, behaviours, beliefs, and mindsets matching all of the 8 engagement profiles and all dimensions as raised above.

For each assertion, you are invited to share your personal feelings towards the proposed assertions, answering on how much you agree or disagree, or how often you feel that way:

  • Strongly Disagree … or Never
  • Somewhat Disagree … or Seldom
  • Neutral/Neither … or Sometimes
  • Somewhat Agree … or Often
  • Strongly Agree … or Always

The first four assertions evaluate your global level of disengagement, engagement or over-engagement. They are not counted in the total score but you are asked your personal feelings regarding your current engagement level and invited to check the consistency of your initial feelings with the result and output from the questionnaire later on.

There are no good or bad answers and the result is not only one profile, but a mix and balance between various profiles. Individuals are complex and unique and we all have in ourselves a potential of the eight profiles, the only difference is in what proportion!

At the end of the questionnaire you will be invited to share your email address to receive your individual results. The outcome will be a visual representation of your engagement profiles and guidance to understand them.

Here you go !

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