The future of work is already shaping the way organizations respond to the current trends

  • Acceleration, need for agility, speed of action, increased clarity and purpose.
  • Technology, digitally enabled workers and connected workplace.
  • Work is not a place anymore, need to manage work in space and time.
  • Challenge of mixing generations to reach sustainable performance.


In this context, HR will need to re-invent itself to design a new employee experience at work

  • Engagement, not process, has become a top priority on the HR agenda, especially in Asia where retention has reached its limits.
  • Is HR a real “business partner” today, or rather a “business servant” based on transaction and process? Time to move to a “strategic partner” attitude supporting the engagement of key stakeholders.
  • Acceleration and technology challenge: HR will need to disrupt or be disrupted!


The mission of MOST engaged consulting is to design a new employee experience to reconcile individuals and organizations, leading to sustainable engagement, talent and performance.

  • Human capital processes (performance/talent/reward management) address the business needs and drive organizational performance. However, these solutions/tools can be acquired externally or designed internally, and the main differentiator of sustainable organizational performance remains employee engagement.


  • Understanding the “employee experience” of these HR systems is key to build a sustainably performing organization. MOST engaged consulting supports the development or engaging organizations and managers, engaged individuals and teams:


  1. Developing engaging managers who grow into leaders and monitor performance.
  2. Building an engaging organization and a solid employer brand, enabling talents to grow for a sustainable performance for both the organization and individuals.
  3. Foster engaged individuals who thrive into their learning journey to reach self-achievement through mindfulness.
  4. Facilitate engaged teams with diverse cultural backgrounds which will turn into the best teams and winning teams.